Sabtu, 12 Desember 2015

How To Use Crystal X For Married Women

How To Harness And Use The Correct Crystal XAs explained above, that the procedure of how to wear the correct mempengaruioptimal performance, once you understand the "How is the correct usage of crystal x" will be much needed to get maximum results overall. In terms of the effectiveness of these products very closely kaitanya with their use, therefore it is important that the correct way to work with exposure to the sesesui procedure.

Well, in General Jual Crysal X Asli Yogyakarta divided into three categories, namely:

Dampen a first product with clean water, insert it into the vagina hole as deep as 3-4 cm, cycle +/-10 times, 5 times to the left or right 5 times to around 10 seconds thenremove it in slowly from the vaginal opening and crystal x cleaned using clean water,dry it with a clean rag immediately and enter into genuine crystal x box and store it ina dry place do not affected by exposure to sunlight directly

How to use Crystal X for Virgin or unmarried (Virgin)

Rendamlah products into warm water 1-2 minutes, then use the water to wash awaythe marinade of the vagina, or sit and dwell in the water the marinade that product.This way it is safe because it will not damage or injure the hymen that is still present inthe vagina Virgin woman.

How To Use Crystal X Broken In Order To Stay Safe

Crystal X's broken or burst can still be used safely use as for the woman who is still a virgin or unmarried, i.e. use water rendamannya. This way it is safe because it will not hurt the vaginal wall. Related use of Crystal X broken, read more Here

The Dose Of Usage Crystal X

The dose of usage crystal x can use 1 to 2 times daily after bathing and to increase thestimulation time of sex, then it is recommended to use 5-10 minutes prior to sex.

How long is the Crystal X can be used?

Provide the answer to how long does crystal x can be used is the crystal x can be used2-3 months as an explanation of the following ...